mom foodAs a reporter, I covered community, city government, police, courts and education. I’ve been out on football field watching quarterbacks scramble. Sat on wooden bleachers — soaking up the sun or taking in a crowd — at hundreds of baseball and basketball games. Been to festivals — Strawberry, Chili, Banana, Salsa and many more.  So, what do I blog about? Cooking. My blog started out as work rehab. You see, I’ve had to go through several hand/shoulder surgeries to correct what started out as bilateral carpal tunnel. Then, it was shoulder surgery to fix my rotator cuff. That was followed up with three surgeries to my ulnar nerve — one on the left, two on the right. My doctor thought creating a blog would be good hand therapy. I had what is going to be my last hand surgery shortly after my mother had passed away. I wasn’t at my best, but I thought maybe beginning a blog could be a way of me honoring my mother and her home cooking. You see, growing up, our family didn’t have much. But, my mom kept us clothed and feed. We always had her cooking to come home to. And, when we requested a special dish, my mom always cooked. She’d even make enough for us to take home and share with friends or coworkers. My mother taught me to cook. She also shared her recipes with me. She never used a cookbook. She never used measuring utensils. So, I thought if I was gonna do a blog, I would do one that honors my mom and my memories of her cooking. Thus, “My Mama’s Recipes and a Few of My Own” was created. Mom, I love you.