1066074_10151531713987055_1630698491_oThinking of what to make for brunch? Have some tortilla chips that have gone a little stale, but don’t want to throw them out? Try using them in this simple breakfast dish: Chilaquiles. I make mine with chorizo and fried eggs. But, you can also go meatless and eggless — or instead of fried eggs, you can scramble. I learned how to make this dish years ago when I was a marketing manager for Las Palmas Mexican Foods. Anne Lindsay Greer, a chef known for her Southwest Mexican cuisine, served up this dish while I was working with her in Texas, preparing a cook booklet using Las Palmas Mexican food products. It’s become one of my favorite Mexican breakfast dishes!

1/4 cup oil
4 eggs
8 oz. chorizo
1/4 cup onions, chopped
4 cups tortilla chips
1 can (10 oz.) red enchilada sauce
1 cup shredded cheese, divided
Optional toppings:
1 tablespoon fresh cilantro, chopped
1 small avocado, chopped
4 green onions, chopped
sour cream

Heat enough oil in large ovenproof skillet to fry eggs. Add eggs, one at a time, to skillet, leaving space between eggs. Cook until whites and yolks are set. Remove eggs from skillet and set aside. Heat oil, reserving 1 tablespoon, in same skillet. Add tortilla chips and cook until golden brown. Set aside. Heat remaining tablespoon of oil in same skillet. Add onions. Cook until onions are clear. Add chorizo. Brown and then add enchilada sauce and 1/2 cup cheese. Mix together until sauce is hot. Add chips. Coat chips with chorizo and sauce mix. Top with eggs and remaining cheese. Heat broiler. Place skillet, 6 inches from heat and broil until cheese is melted. Top with cilantro, avocados, green onions, sour cream and salsa.